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Super Six Sunday - Six Book Characters You Want To Be

Super Six Sunday is an original bookish meme hosted at Bewitched Bookworms and inspired by “Top Ten Tuesday” from The Broke and The Bookish. You can see the weekly schedule of themes here.

Here are my picks

Tessa Gray 

Clockwork Princess
by Cassandra Clare

I have loved Tessa since the first chapter of Clockwork Angel! I just love everything about her. She isn't described as beautiful, just an average looking girl, yet she still has the ability to attract 2 super hot shadowhunters just by her personality and intelligence. Tessa is my number one choice, because not only would I do anything to be her, but I've also taken some steps to that already, I actually own a copy of the exact clockwork angel necklace she is wearing on the cover of this book. Its my most precious thing in my life, and it was one of the reasons why i named my blog Angelic Book Reviews. I just love Tessa with all my heart!! Shes the best character I've encountered so far.
Syndey Sage

by Richelle Mead

Sydney is the reason why I got addicted to Vanilla Lattes. I didn't perticualrly like Sydney in Vampire Academy, but when I started reading Bloodlines, and I got to see the story from her point of view. I realized just how much me and her are alike. I love how smart she is, and on top of that, shes not just a character that uses her brain, she can also kick some ass with her awesome Magic and Alchemy skills. One thing that I love about Sydni is that she is completely oblivious to how people feel about her, like Adrian. Adrian is another huge reason why I'd want to be her. Who wouldn't was a sexy Moroi bad boy, who completely changes himself to be perfect just for you. Adrian <3

Celaena Sardothien 

Throne of Glass
by Sarah J. Maas

Be honest here, wouldn't you want to be the greatest assassin in your country? Well Celaena is. I LOVE characters who can kick some major ass, and are super smart. Celaena is both. She has cat like reflexes, and can kill someone without them even knowing shes in the room. When Celaena isn't killing people, she spends most of her time either reading books, or with either Prince Dorian or Chaol, the Captain of the Royal Guard. Celaena is just such a well rounded character, I would love to be fearless, and intelligent like Celaena. And have two super hot guys fight over me.

Irewen Donriel

by Andi O'Connor

Irewen is just an amazing character, after seeing her father murdered, and being betrayed by her cousin and left in the woods to die. She still comes out fighting. This girl is not only incredibly brave, but she also has some crazy powers. The main reason why I would want to be Irewen, is because of Laegon, and Silevethiel. Laegon reminds me of a brown haired Legolas from Lord of the Rings, who wouldn't want that. And I would absolutely do anything to have Silevethiel as my Guardian. I LOVE lions, and this amazing connection that they have is something I would die for. I'm really jealous of Irewen :P


Blood Red Road
by Moira Young

Saba is such an incredible character. Shes a super strong fighter just like Katniss from the Hunger Games, in the same aspect where shes not scared of dying, and has amazing fighting skills. But unlike Katniss, Saba has emotions, she fights for the people she cares about, she is so strong and so determined. She will do anything to save her family and friends. Even though there's some things I don't like that she did in the books, I wouldn't mind being Saba, she has an amazing family, and loving friends. The dystopian land she lives in, is also pretty amazing! I'm sure I'd love it.

Meggie Folchart

by Cornelia Funke

Lets get this clear. I hate this series, and I hate Meggie! I honestly cant stand what she did at the end of the last book in this series. But as much as I hate her, I do admit that I'm really jealous of her and her father's power to be able to read themselves into books. I would love to be able to read myself into many of the books I read, and just live within them. Sometimes reading isn't enough!
I would love to have Meggie's power! But I don't want to be her. But I guess I would, if I was able to change the course of her actions in the books.

Thanks for reading my Super Six Sunday post! Feel free to leave a link to your Super Six Sunday in the comments below :)

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