Monday, January 30, 2017

Review: Acca by Christina Bauer

Series: Angelbound Origins #3
Publication Date: December 13th 2016
Publisher: Monster House Books, LLT
Genre: YA, Fantasy 
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Synopsis: In just one week, supernatural warrior Myla Lewis must discover enough evidence to send the evil House of Acca to prison… or she’ll end up in jail herself, along with her fianc√©, Prince Lincoln. No pressure.

To gather proof, Myla and Lincoln go undercover at an all-girl’s high school on Earth. Lincoln acts as the new gym teacher; Myla becomes the school’s least popular transfer student ever. To stop them from getting the goods, Acca releases Hell on Earth. Literally. Good thing Myla and Lincoln aren’t afraid of a tough fight. This one promises to be the hardest yet. After all, who ever said high school wasn’t hell?

My Rating
4/5 stars

My Review
Another amazing book in the Angelbound series! This is one of my favourite series and I absolutely cannot wait to read the next book, as well as the last one in the series.

We continue the story basically where Scala left off. After the death of Adair, Aldred goes straight to work to ruin the lives of Myla and Lincoln. This time, while Myla and Lincoln are out gathering evidence to send the House of Acca to prison, all their evidence is stolen and the guard killed. With Myla and Lincoln about to be sent to jail, they manage to escape with the help of Myla's dad and find themselves on Earth. Where they learn that Aldred may be trying to bring back Armageddon for good. Will they be able to clear their names and prevent Armageddon from coming back before its too late?

Being totally honest, I was really worried that this book was not going to be as good at the others in this series. I found that it started out a bit slow, and it was a bit boring in the beginning. I just couldn't read the whole thing, and kept putting the book down. It wasn't till about 60 or 70% into the book where the action and storyline really had me hooked and I just read the rest in one sitting. Usually Christina Bauer is really good with making the whole book exciting, but unfortunately this one wasn't it. 

If you have read the previous books in this series, definitely give this one a chance. Once you get past the beginning, the ending is definitely worth it. I would read the whole book over again just to get to that part.

If you haven't read the first books, I definitely recommend reading those first. This is a fantastic series for all fans of fantasy and action. Take my word for it, you will love it.

Happy Reading,
- Aneta


  1. I haven't read the first book in the series, it's actually the first time I hear about it, but I'm kinda curious now! Too bad the first part was a bit boring, but glad it worked well in the end :) Fingers crossed the next one is going to be super exciting!

    1. Thanks so much Silvia, I hope that you get a chance to start this series soon, its very good. :)


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