Monday, December 9, 2013

Imperfect by Tina Chan

Series: Imperfect #1
Published on: July 31 2013

Goodreads Summary: Life is harsh for Kristi. She's the only Accident living in a world of Perfects. More often than not, she feels like a blemish on an otherwise utopian society. And her life is about to get worse. The government has arrested her adoptive parents and her brother goes missing. To top things off, Kristi somehow gets dragged into the mess and now she's a wanted fugitive...

Troop is less than he seems. Teachers love him. Colleges want him. Students revere him. There's even a hot girl after him. Life couldn't get any better than this, right? So, why does she feel like he's a devil in disguise as an angel?

My Rating: 3/5 stars

My Review: Kristi is not like the rest of her people. All their genetics are designed to be Perfect, but not Kristi, she is an Accident. Raised in a world where she is considered a stupid and worthless creature, Kristi finds Chelsea another accident just like her. And just when Kristi has some hope in her life, her adoptive parents are abducted by the government for being spies. 
On the eyes of his mother, Troop is a well mannered boy. He is really caring and incredibly smart. But at his school, Troop is hiding the fact that hes an Accident, by pretending hes a Perfect. At his school, you're either the hunter or being hunted. He chose the path of the hunter, now being the most popular boy in school, things are pretty hard, one little slip up and things could turn very ugly.

This book definitely had its moments, I loved all the characters (except Chelsea near the end), they were all so different but interesting. And the world that Tina created was incredible. Yet there wasn't enough action, for most of the story you just follow around the characters and see how they interact. Also the story didn't have any twists and turns, it was too predictable. Usually when I reach the half way point in a book, I just cant seem to put it down, but in this book I just wasn't in a rush to finish it, I don't know if it was because of the predictability or because of the lack of action. Also the cover could have been a little better, I don't really understand it, I think it will attract more readers if the group of four is on it, or maybe something related to DNA or being Perfect.

Either way this book was pretty good, and I would definitely recommend this book to all the fans of the I Am Number Four books and movie. But if you're an action freak like me, I wouldn't necessarily read this.

Hopefully you'll enjoy this more than me, 
Happy Reading :)

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