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Super Six Sunday - Super Six Books I Wish I Lived In

Super Six Sunday is an original bookish meme hosted at Bewitched Bookworms and inspired by “Top Ten Tuesday” from The Broke and The Bookish. You can see the weekly schedule of themes here.

Here are my picks

Clockwork Princess 
By Cassandra Clare

Ah my favorite series. Of course I wish I lived in this book. I always imagined myself as being a shadowhunter when I read the Mortal Instruments, and fighting with Isabelle and kicking some demon ass! But as much as I love the Mortal Instruments, I would prefer to live in this time period, mostly because I love the way they talk, and the way they dress. Everything just seems so fancy and perfect.
And the characters in this book, I'd do anything to live with them... but I'd probably try to steal Will and Jem away from Tessa, while trying to be Tessa's best friend.. I'm not sure how that would work.

Harry Potter
by J.K. Rowling

If you've never wished you could have been a wizard and gone to Hogwarts at some point in your life, you're crazy! I always wanted to go to Hogwarts, I always imagined I would have been Hermionie's equally nerdy best friend. When I turned 11 and I didn't get my acceptance letter I was so sad, it crushed me.
But as I was saying, I love the crazy adventures that Harry and the gang get into. How cool would it be if I was related to Harry or Hermione, or if I was even one of the Weasleys. So Amazing! 

by Christina Bauer

I love this amazing world created by Christina. I love the idea of having Angles, Demons, Ghouls, Thrax and Quasi all together in one world. 
I would love to be an Thrax warrior, as I've said before, I would love to be a demon hunter, I just find it so cool, and since I'm athletic I think it would be the perfect thing for me. But I also wouldn't mind being a Quasi, as long as I had a cool tail like Myla, I'd want it to be something I could fight with. I mean the idea of having a dog tail or a bunny tail would be cool... but I couldn't do anything cool with it. 
Hopefully I could find a hot Thrax warrior for myself too ;)

by Andi O'Connor

I instantly fell in love with this book! I've always wanted to be an elf ever since I watched Lord of the Rings and saw how hot Orlando Bloom looks as Legolas (Can't wait to see him in the Hobbit). But with this book I fell in love with Elves in a completely new way. Especially because they have super cool powers.
I would LOVE to be a Wood Elf, mostly because of their amazing warrior powers and the fact that they have Lions as their guardians. I am a huge animal lover, and since I'm a Leo, I absolutely love lions. So I just love the whole idea of being able to talk to one, and fighting beside one.

Throne of Glass
by Sarah J. Maas

Who doesn't love a crazy world with Fae, Pirates, Assassin, A super hot prince, and a sexy Captain of the Royal Guard.
I have always admired Celaena Sardothien. Not only is she super duper smart, but she is probably one of the fiercest heroines out there. She can kick some major ass and kill like 12 people, and then go home and chill in bed with a good book. I'd love to live in this incredible world and be like Celaena. And it doesn't matter who she ends up choosing to be with her at the end of these books, ill take the other one. Please!!
But like I said, amazing fantasy world, and I would do anything to be a part of it.

Iron King
by Julie Kagawa

I'm a huge fan of Shakespeare, and living in his world with Ash and Puck would just be heaven. I absolutely love the amazing characters and the incredible adventures that they go on. Not to mention the weird creatures and the landscape is amazing! I'd love to live in the Nevernever, but I probably would need Grim to help me out, I do not want to be eaten by a Chimera or some weird horse thing. Scary!!
But seeing Oberon and Mab rule their courts would be so amazing! I love Meghan, so being a part of her group would just be so awesome... and maybe I could steal Puck away from her? Hey! He deserves a happy ending too... with me :)

Thanks for reading my Super Six Sunday post! Feel free to leave a link to your Super Six Sunday in the comments below :)

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