Monday, December 23, 2013

The Lost Boys by Lilian Carmine

Series: (There is a book called the Lost Girl by the same author, but I'm not sure if they're related.)
Published: September 26th 2013

Goodreads Summary: Fate has brought them together. But will it also keep them apart?

Having moved to a strange town, sixteen-year-old Joey Gray is feeling a little lost, until she meets a cute, mysterious boy near her new home.

But Tristan Halloway is not what he seems. And there's a very good reason why he's always to be found roaming between the gravestones in the local cemetery...

My Rating: 4/5 stars

My Review: The Lost Boys is a tear-jerking book, filled with love, friendship and death. This is the perfect book for all the romance lovers out there.

Joe Gray is your normal average tomboy girl. When she moves into a new town, and ventures in the nearby cemetery, she meets a mysterious boy named Tristan. He's always in the grave yard, he never touches Joe and he always wears the same clothes. Could Tristan be a Ghost? Or is he just different.

I usually don't fall for the stories that revolve around the romance, but I must say, this one was pretty good. Just letting you know, I hate Twilight, and this book does not compare to it at all!! First of all, I loved Joe, she was such an interesting character to read about. Not only is she sassy, but shes also that really smart, beautiful girl that everyone likes, yet for some reason she just doesn't know that shes that pretty and awesome, which makes everyone like her even more because shes not conceited. I also loved Tristan, why cant real life guys be more like him. I really wish that guys now a-days had manners. Ugh I wish that I could go back to that time and find my own Tristan. 
I also loved all the Lost Boys. I wont tell you much about them, but trust me they're all super awesome! My favorite was Harry, just letting you know.
This story revolves around romance. So there is no fighting or weird creatures like that. I thought it was kind of boring in the beginning, especially in the part before Joe left for her school. And since there was no action, it seemed pretty boring at times, maybe its because I'm not used to reading stories without action in it. But the romance definitely made it interesting. I hate addmiting it, but I definitely cried at least twice in this book. And I always give credit to books that make me cry!

So to summarize this review. The book was amazing! It is definitely for fans of romance books. But if you read adventure and action books, you may find it a little boring at times. Either way, I definitely recommend this. It was so full of life and beauty, it made me happy.

I hope you enjoy this one,
Love Aneta <3

The Lost Boys


  1. I can't wait to read it now! Great review :)

    Jackie @Jackie's Book World

  2. OOh nice review! I had requested this from Netgalley and got it, but then I hesitated. Another blogger said she couldn't stand it at all. And then I noticed the Twilight comment and thought I couldn't handle another one of those kind of reads. So I still remain a bit undecided on this one. But again, very nice review!

    1. I know how you feel! This one was definitely an iffy... but if you're really into the romance then I think you'll like it. You should give it a chance when you have some free time.


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