Friday, May 12, 2017

Review: Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles by J.M. Sullivan

Series: The Wanderland Chronicles #1
Publication Date: May 16th, 2017
Publisher: Pen Name Publishing 
Genre: YA, Retelling, Horror 
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Synopsis: **Readers' Favorite Five Star Review Recipient**

“Always protect your queen.”

Ever since the outbreak of the Plague, life hasn’t been easy, and for seventeen-year-old Alice Carroll, it just got worse. Her sister, Dinah, has contracted the ‘un-deadly’ Momerath Virus and without a cure, will soon be worse than dead. She’ll be momerath.

Alice must leave the safety of the Sector and venture into Momerath Territory to find the antidote - if it exists. Chasing a rumor about a mysterious doctor with the cure, Alice falls down the rabbit hole into Wanderland, where ravenous momerath aren’t the only danger lurking.

My Rating
4/5 stars

My Review
Think Alice in Wonderland mixed with The Walking Dead. This will probably be my favourite retelling of Alice, ever.

Alice and her sister Dinah live in the Sector, a safe place where the Momerath (zombies) can't get in. When the sisters go on a scavenge hunt to a pharmacy and the library, they encounter a Momerath and barely escape. When Dinah falls ill and begins showing the signs of the virus that turns people into Momerath, Alice takes it upon herself to venture out on her own and find a cure for Dinah, before the virus takes her.

Alice was a really good main character. I liked her in the beginning, but I loved her in the end. Alice went from being the afraid little sister thats shy and likes book, to a powerful warrior thats not afraid to kill some zombies and encounter new groups of people if it gets her what she wants. She faced her fears and picked up a machete to kill zombies, somethings she's never done before and was able to fend them off all by herself, I was truly amazed looking back at her character development. 

The plot of this story was really fast and intense. I love how the author didn't bore us with pointless details about the world, and had enough action to keep the reader entertained. From the reader's point of view, it was nice not to go over all the boring little details, but from the scientist's point of view, I would have loved to learn more about what the virus actually does to the body, and how it changes normal people into Momerath. 
Since this was a retelling, all the classic characters are still here, even though they're slightly changed. My favourite, was probably the adaptation of the Red Queen, into a zombie killing warrior that brought her tribe together at the beginning of the outbreak, as well as Matt Hatter being the leading scientist to cause the outbreak, it was all so very creative. 
While I was extremely impressed with the world that Sullivan created, it became a tad predictable at times. I know its very hard to make the story unpredictable when you're writing a retelling, but I would have loved to see more twists and surprises in this book.

The romance... I don't even know if you could call it that. While this book didn't exactly focus on the romance aspect, Alice was introduced to two boys, Nate and Chess. I'm sensing a potential love triangle in the future, but for now, this book remained love-triangle free. I'm definitely excited to see what the author does next with the romance.

Overall, this was a fantastic book. It is definitely something you should pick up if you're going through Walking Dead withdrawal, or if you love Alice in Wonderland, zombies, or really intense action stories. I look forward to seeing more from this author.

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  1. Great review! I like retellings, and this sounds like a fun spin! I'll definitely have to tell my sister about this one - she likes Alice in Wonderland.

    1. Yes please do! I'm sure she'll love it :)
      Thanks for giving it a chance


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