Thursday, January 4, 2018

Review: Before I Let Go by Marieke Nijkamp

Publication Date: January 2nd 2018
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Genre: YA, Mystery, Contemporary 
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Synopsis: Best friends Corey and Kyra were inseparable in their snow-covered town of Lost Creek, Alaska. When Corey moves away, she makes Kyra promise to stay strong during the long, dark winter, and wait for her return.

Just days before Corey is to return home to visit, Kyra dies. Corey is devastated―and confused. The entire Lost community speaks in hushed tones about the town's lost daughter, saying her death was meant to be. And they push Corey away like she's a stranger.

Corey knows something is wrong. With every hour, her suspicion grows. Lost is keeping secrets―chilling secrets. But piecing together the truth about what happened to her best friend may prove as difficult as lighting the sky in an Alaskan winter...

My Rating
2/5 stars

My Review
Before I Let Go is a story about Corey dealing with the death of her best friend Kyra. When Corey hears that her best friend has passed away, she races back to her hometown of Lost Creek, Alaska to mourn the death of her friend. Kyra was never liked in the small community, even though her parents are very successful and well loved, Kyra's only friend was Corey. When Corey was leaving the town, Kyra finally decided to go to a psychiatric hospital to help her with her bipolar disorder. As Corey comes back to town, it turns out that Kyra never left, and in those 7 months that she was away, Kyra went from most hated person in town, to friends with everyone. When things don't add up about Kyra's death, Corey must uncover the secrets of the town and what exactly happened the past 7 months in order to solve the mystery behind Kyra's death.

This book was alright. It wasn't great, but it also wasn't horrible. It just floats in the grey area of "meh" books.

The book started off very slow. It felt like there were a lot of parts that were very repetitive, and other parts that were kind of pointless. 
On the plus side, this book was a fairly short and easy read (language wise). So you can definitely finish it in one day.

There was only one character I liked in this book, and it wasn't Corey or Kyra. It was Roshan. Kyra was a good person, from what we hear about her from Corey's point of view. If she got the right help she could have been a truly amazing person. I completely understand whys he did the things she did once Corey left the town, but I don't necessarily like them, with a little bit of thought and effort from Kyra's part the story could have turned out very differently. Corey was an okay character. We see parts of her growing up in Alaska and just how much she has changed in the 7 months she was away. It was a bit boring reading from her point of view, as it was very repetitive and for someone who's lived in this town before, she made a lot of mistakes where she should have known better. Throughout this whole story, it didn't really feel like Corey developed or changed at all, she is basically the same person at the beginning and the end of the story.
The character I loved most was Roshan. He is new to the town, and only arrived when Corey left. He knew Kyra, and helps Corey deal with her passing. When Corey gets in trouble he is there to help her without asking for anything in return. He's not like the others in the town, and will definitely follow his heart to do what is right. I honestly wish that he played a bigger role in this book.

The plot line was okay. The mystery wasn't that big of a mystery. It was really easy to tell what really happened to Kyra and how she died, early on in the book, even though Corey couldn't see it. The pace was very slow, the characters were boring. I didn't feel like there part of the book that really shocked me, there were no twists or turns in the book. It was basically a flat line right to the end.
A pet peeve of mine is plots with loose ends. There were multiple things in this book that weren't explained, and they were just left there without any answers.

Overall, I wouldn't necessarily recommend this book, unless you were looking specifically for an easy book to read with a plot line like this. I think with a few changes this book could have been a lot better.

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