Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Review: The Dead Boyfriend by R.L. Stine

Series: Fear Street Relaunch #5
Publication Date: September 27th 2016
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Genre: YA, Mystery
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Synopsis: R.L. Stine's Fear Street series is back, and in The Dead Boyfriend, he tells the frightening tale of teenage love - and how it can go terribly, murderously wrong. 

Caitlin has never had a real boyfriend before. When she starts seeing Colin, she throws herself into the relationship with fervor. She ignores her friends who warn her that Colin may be a phony and that she is taking the whole thing too seriously. Caitlin is smitten. She doesn't care if she loses her friends. All she wants is Colin. When Caitlin approaches Colin with another girl, she completely loses it. She snaps. Everything goes red. When she comes back to her senses, she realizes that Colin is dead - and she has killed him. 

But if Colin is dead, how is he staring at her across a crowded party? 

Terrifying from the first page to the last, The Dead Boyfriend is a heart-racing young adult novel from the master of teen screams himself.

My Rating
5/5 stars

My Review
Caitlyn thought it was love at first sight. Blade was perfect, tall, handsome and very fun. There was nothing more Caitlyn could ask for, until he randomly cancels a date and Caitlyn finds his car with a random girl in it. Following the car, she sees the two enter a night club and when she confronts Blade, he tells her that she was nothing to him. Heartbroken, Caitlyn follows him home where a huge fight starts, and a blade comes out.

I absolutely LOVE this book. I was a huge fan of R.L. Stine when I was little reading Goosebumps. This is my first YA novel by this author, but I must say that I am dying to read more.

~ Mild Spoilers Ahead~

Caitlyn was such a great character. I absolutely loved reading in her point of view. I usually don't like character that are over emotional, like Caitlyn mentioned she was, but it made this book so much better. 

I couldn't get over how easily she killed Blade, it was almost instinct and she just did it without giving it a second thought. They way this scene was written I honestly could just read it over and over again. The writing was absolutely beautiful.

The plot was great, you had no idea what was coming next or how the story would end. It all takes you by surprise and its wonderful.

I don't want to spoil too much, but if you're a fan of mysteries, thrillers, R.L. Stine, or your boyfriend just broke up with you, I would really recommend giving this book a read.

I'm dying to read the other books in this series, hopefully they're as good as this one.

Happy Reading,

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