Friday, November 22, 2013

Catching Fire: From Book to Movie

Hi Everyone, Today was the release day of the sequel to Hunger Games, called Catching Fire. And of course being the big nerd that I am, I waited in line for a very long time just to see it. I thought I'd leave you with a quick post about how the movie was compared to the book.

First things first... OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!

So I went to the mall right after school with my closest friends, we waited in line for about 2 hours (this is pretty good compared to how long I waited for Hunger Games on release day). Thankfully we were really close to the front of the line, there were like 10 people ahead of us. The two hours went by so fast, especially because the girls in front of us rocked and we could actually talk to them about books and stuff.
So of course we ended up getting amazing seats! We were in the middle of the middle, and everything was perfect. 

The movie was absolutely perfect. You always hear how the second book is never as good as the first one, and usually that is the case for the movies as well. And that statement was true for the books. I definitely liked Hunger Games the book way more than Catching Fire. But comparing the two movies together, they were pretty equal in awesomeness.

The cast was stunning and amazing. Mags was just the cutest thing ever. When I read the book I always pictured her as the cute old lady, but she was just so little and cute in the movie. I instantly fell in love with her.

Johanna, while I pictured her different looking when I read the book, she played the part so well. She was bitchy and stuck up, yet you could tell she was caring, yet broken from the previous games. The movie definitely made me like her character more. She was a complete bad ass!

Finnick Odair
This guy played his role perfectly, he was hot, witty, hot, athletic, hot, and charming.... oh and hot! 
I was always a big fan of this guy in the books, but I was an even bigger fan of Peeta, but now I think I've changed my mind. I'm not going to explain how perfect he was, just watch the movie and you'll see what I'm talking about... BUT DAMN BOI JUST DAAAAMMNNN!!

So I'm not going to tell you guys to go watch the movie, because I'm pretty sure that if you're reading this, you will definitely see the movie, if you haven't already. And if you're actually considering watching this movie, then there is something wrong with you, and I think you need to go to the hospital right now.

If you haven't read the book, and you plan to. Please don't read the following:
As amazing as the movie was, obviously they cant fit the whole book into the movie, so they had to cut some scenes out. I feel like they did a pretty good job with this, they cut out some minor scenes like Katniss being stuck outside the fence when the power comes back on, and her seeing those two girl who try to escape to District 13. Also they didn't add the part where Pluratch after dancing with Katniss says "The clock strickes at midnight." They were all pretty minor scenes, but I wish they were in the movie.. Oh well.

It kind of felt like they took a lot of time on the fist part of the book (Before entering the arena) and didn't spend enough time on the second part. It just felt kind of rushed, and like more could have been added.

Anyways, this movie was absolutely amazing, and I loved every single part of it. I can't wait to go see it a second time, and buy the movie when it comes out. But I guess in the meanwhile I'll settle with looking at my new background on my phone of Finnick.

If you've seen the movie, and you need someone to fangirl with. Please message me or leave a comment! I would love to talk about the little details and see what you guys thought!

Love Aneta <3


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie! I'm always nervous when a great book is adapted, but it's good to know that they stayed pretty true to the book, minus a few details. I'm hoping to go see it tomorrow afternoon :)

    New follower via GFC and Bloglovin'

    1. You have to go see it as soon as possible :) It's worth the wait in line for good seats haha :) I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

  2. FINNICK FINNICK FINNICK!! ah God that guy is hot! Can't wait to watch the movie myself... curse you school works -_-"

    1. Who cares if you fail :P haha Finnick is more important, he's waiting for you :)

    2. Lol, that's right! who cares about school? (this is so wrong but..) Argh you made it sound so tempting! Can't believe we have to see him *erm* (spoiler) in Mocking Jay :'-( Have you read the last book? I cried for Finick... (Maybe that's too much hahah)

    3. Of course I read Mockingjay! And I felt the same way, I cried too. But I cried even more at the part with Peeta.. I think you know which part I mean, I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

    4. Peeta... I was really scared for him there. Couldn't imagine how it would be without Peeta, because I am 100% team Peeta! But he got his happy ending, while Finnick *sigh*

    5. I know! Why couldn't they both get happy endings. It would have made my heart hurt less. But at least one of them is happy. I loved the ending of the book when they when it was like 20 years later or something like that. So cute!!

  3. true, at least one of them is happy :-| IKR that ending is soooooo cute! Love it.


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