Monday, September 25, 2017

Party Planning with Paperless Post

Hi everyone, and welcome back to my blog. I wanted to share with you today, a wonderful website I recently found. Paperless Post is an online card store, their products range from birthday/holiday cards, stationary, invitations and even wedding cards. My absolutely favourite part of this website is that all cards are customizable to your need. Enough talk, let me show you what I'm talking about.

If you're planning a party or a get together, why not invite everyone via Paperless Post. Usually when either me or a friend of mine host a party, we do the usual group message on Facebook, and while this is a convenient way to do it, its really boring and way overdone. With paperless post you can send invitations via email, the best part is that the invitation you make comes with an interactive video. Below I've added a few of my favourite invitations.

All of these invitations are customizable, you can change the colours, the text and even add your own pictures.

Now I'm not sure about you guys, but I have a lot of family that lives in a different country than me, sending out birthday and holiday cards to all my relative can be a huge hassle that I definitely like to avoid. That's why this year I'll be going electronically. Not only does it make sending cards easier (and cheaper too) but you can also add your own photos, which your family and friends would much rather see than some random model on the cover of your card. But for those that don't want to customize their own, here are a few examples of the cool cards I found.

Okay, so I wasn't going to add this part originally, but these cards are so cute I just had to. The website offers a huge range of holiday cards, and with halloween coming up I thought it would be best to show you some of the new stock they have.


Aren't these just adorable?

If you sign up for Paperless Post, you get 25 free credits. This will let you try out their website and send a few cards or invitation for your next event. If you're new to my blog, any of the words in this post written in pink are direct links to the Paperless Post website. If you'd like to go to the main website click here. If you guys end up making your own cards, I would absolutely love to see them.

This post was published in partnership with Paperless Post, all reviews and opinions are my own.

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