Sunday, September 3, 2017

Review: Bad Romance by Heather Demetrios

Publication Date: June 13th 2017
Publisher: Henry Holt & Company Inc
Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance
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Synopsis: Grace wants out. Out of her house, where her stepfather wields fear like a weapon and her mother makes her scrub imaginary dirt off the floors. Out of her California town, too small to contain her big city dreams. Out of her life, and into the role of Parisian artist, New York director—anything but scared and alone.

Enter Gavin: charming, talented, adored. Controlling. Dangerous. When Grace and Gavin fall in love, Grace is sure it's too good to be true. She has no idea their relationship will become a prison she's unable to escape. 

Deeply affecting and unflinchingly honest, this is a story about spiraling into darkness—and emerging into the light again.

My Rating
4/5 stars

My Review
Bad Romance is a well written book about a wonderful girl, trapped in a horrible relationship not only with her parents, but with her boyfriend as we'll. The message that this book sends is very important, and I will be sending my copy around to all the young women I know.

Grace is used to her life at home. With an OCD mother who makes Grace clean the entire house to the point where she's late for work, school and her SATs, and a controlling step father that makes Grace's life living hell. The thing is that Grace knows exactly how to deal with them, the role she plays as the sorry daughter is just at home. When Grace falls in love with Gavin, it feels like her dreams are coming true, the boy whom she's had a crush on has finally chosen to be with her. As time goes on, Grace realizes that Gavin might not have been the boy who she though he was, he becomes controlling, possessive and outright mean. The last thing Grace wants to become, is someone exactly like her mother.

At the beginning of this book, I wasn't a huge fan. I did like the way the book starts off, it kind of has the feeling of present grace writing a letter about what happened between her and Gavin from the beginning. I really liked the style of writing, but I just couldn't find myself getting into the book. There were parts where I really wanted to put the book down. I'm not sure why, I liked the writing and the characters. I guess there just wasn't enough in the beginning to keep me wanting to read more.

It didn't really hit me how realistic this book is until the very end in the Author's Note. The author speaks about how she went through a similar bad relationship, and it made me realize that this is more common than anyone thinks. You may not see it, but theres people who are in controlling relationships all the time, whether its the boy being controlling or the girl, it goes both ways. I would absolutely love the chance to give this book to my younger self as well as all my friends, I think this book would have affected me a lot more when I was younger.

I absolutely loved the ending this book had. Watching Grace's character development what absolutely fantastic, she is such a smart and strong woman I absolutely adored her. It's definitely hard for people to realize the mistakes they made and learn from them, but that's exactly what Grace does, and she does it in such a mature manner, I loved it.

This book is fantastic, once you get past the slow beginning you really see another side to this book. I think its so important for young woman to read either this book or something similar so they can see the signs and see that its okay to move on from a bad romance such as this.

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  1. I think I'll love this book, and from the sounds of things it'll probably break my heart too. But since you say the message is so important to young women, I'm already convinced to pick it up; that's a theme close to my heart.

    Lovely review :)

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

    1. I'm so glad you liked my review, and that you're picking up a copy!!
      I hope you enjoy it as much as I did Amy. Cant wait to see what you think about it.


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